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Not sure where to begin? We've developed several Curriculums to guide your learning experience. Go from being a beginner to being a pro, and get an official Certificate of Completion while you're at it!

Check out some of our most popular Curriculums:

Arturia V Collection
Arturia's V Collection is vast and intense! That's why we created this series of courses that explain how they work and how to use them in your tracks. Here's a list of the instruments you'll learn about: Minimoog - Mini V Oberheim - SEM Roland - Jupiter Sequential Circuits - Prophet Arp 2600 Buchla Easel Fairlight CMI Moog
5 courses, 4h 28m
The AudioPedia series is our video-based audio encyclopedia. It's both a comprehensive dictionary of audio terminology and an invaluable resource for sound engineers, musicians, students, educators and all audio enthusiasts. If there's something you'd like to know about digital audio, sound recording, and music production, you'll find it in the AudioPedia series!
10 courses, 0h 31m
Music Theory Complete Training
This collection of Music Theory Courses is designed to teach you the fundamentals of music: Melody, Harmony and Rhythm. Once you master these concepts you will have a solid understanding of how to create and listen to music.
13 courses, 17h 12m
Audio Production Mistakes To Avoid
You can learn from trial and error, or you can learn for the school of hard-won experience. These time-tested and proven techniques will help you avoid common mistakes that amateur music producers often make. Jump to the pro level - study this curriculum!
9 courses, 0h 09m

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