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Hip Hop Beatmaking in Logic Pro

Logic Pro 405


It's time to make beats with Apple's Logic Pro! Join certified trainer Booker Edwards in this course now, and learn all about Hip Hop beatmaking with Logic!

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1 Welcome 01:23
2 Characteristics of Boom Bap 02:33
3 Creating a New Project 03:13

Course Overview

Booker Edwards Jr.

Booker Edwards Jr.

After starting as an underground urban movement in the 70s, Hip Hop has become a well-established art form divided into different subgenres. In this course, trainer and producer Booker Edwards focuses on Boom Bap, revealing how to create a beat in the genre using Logic Pro. From drum programming and quantizing through sample slicing and sequencing, this course will show you everything you need to start making beats with Logic Pro...

Booker starts the course by looking at the origin of Boom Bap and defining its main characteristics. He shows you how to record a drum beat using Drum Machine Designer, and how to quantize it to give it a human feel. Using samples from the Reading Rainbow Theme by Steve H., Booker demonstrates how to stretch, slice up and tweak the audio with Logic's Quick Sampler. Continuing with the course, you also learn to manage the assets of your Logic project, how to create a bass line, how to work with Apple Loops, how to use Arrangement Markers and a lot more...

So join Booker Edwards in this Hip Hop Beatmaking part 1 course, and start making your own beats with Apple's Logic Pro!