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What's New in Logic Pro 10.7

Logic Pro 100


Apple's Logic Pro 10.7 has landed and mixing in Dolby Atmos is the star of this release along with a bunch of powerful new features, plugins and enhancements. Check it out in this FREE course by Logic Pro expert Joshua Carney.

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1 Introduction to Logic 10.7 02:56
2 Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos 05:26
3 3D Object Panner 03:41

Course Overview

Joshua Carney

Joshua Carney

Logic Pro 10.7 is a HUGE update! There's a lot of groundbreaking features to discover, but thankfully, expert Logic trainer Joshua Carney covers everything that is new in this course.

First there was mono. Then stereo. And now there is Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos. Logic 10.7 is revolutionary because Dolby Atmos is built right into Logic Pro. What makes this truly revolutionary is that you no longer need to go to an expensive pro studio or even own an expensive multi-speaker system to achieve a professional surround mix. You can now create a scalable binaural mix with headphones, right from Logic.

The 10.7 update also brings important enhancements to the Step Sequencer. From live step recording to Key and Scale global selection, these additions make working with the Step Sequencer even faster and easier than it was before. And if you're using multiple hardware controllers like sequencers, drum pads and keyboards, the new MIDI Port and Channel Routing options in Logic Pro 10.7 will be a very welcome improvement...

So immerse yourself into this FREE Logic Pro 10.7 course and get introduced to all these new features... and stay tuned for more Logic courses soon!