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Web Audio Explored

Coding For Musicians 101


The Web Audio API lets you create and synthesize audio right in your web browser. Explore the world of coding using the JavaScript language in this made-for-musicians course, by coder and musician Gregg Fine!

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1 Introduction 01:25
2 Hello World 04:55
3 Installing Your Code Editor 01:38

Course Overview

Gregg Fine

Gregg Fine

If you have little or no coding experience, the Web Audio API (Application Programming Interface) may look like rocket science to you, but don't worry. Besides being an amazing multi-instrumentalist, Gregg Fine is also an excellent coder and teacher. (If you've watched his Music Theory courses you know exactly what we mean.) In this introductory course, he will show you step-by-step the rudimentary of coding with the Web Audio API.

Gregg starts by defining exactly what is the Web Audio API and what you can do with it. You learn how to access the dev tools in your browser of choice and how to install your code editor, the free open source Visual Studio Code editor. You then learn about the three main technologies used in web development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Next, you are introduced to the Web Audio API's AudioContext object, you learn important web terminology, and you start to experiment with some JavaScript code. You then discover how to create an oscillator and connect it to a destination, and trigger it with a button. Gregg shows you how to tweak your code to adjust the volume, waveform and frequency of your sound. Finally, you learn how to create a filter to manipulate your synthesizer sound and how to trigger the sound with a keyboard.

So join coder, musician and trainer Gregg Fine in this Coding For Musicians course, and start coding with the Web Audio API!