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Sampler, Quick Sampler and Auto Sampler

Logic Pro 210


Introduced in Apple's Logic Pro X 10.5, Sampler is a complete redesign of the legendary EXS24 software instrument. Get deep into Sampler, the new Quick Sampler, and Auto Sampler in this course, with Logic guru Joe Albano.

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1 Introduction 04:52
2 Basic Sampling Concepts 05:34
3 Introduction to Sampler 05:04

Course Overview

Joe Albano

Joe Albano

Since its introduction decades ago (back in Logic Audio 4), the EXS24 sampling instrument remained one of Logic's most popular plugins. But after all those years, it was starting to show its age and was due for a major upgrade. New in Logic Pro X 10.5, Sampler and its little brother Quick Sampler deliver everything you need from modern sampling instruments. Sampler is much more intuitive and powerful than its predecessor, while retaining full compatibility with EXS24 files. Quick Sampler is ideal creative sampling and fast sampling jobs. In this course, Logic expert Joe Albano explains Sampler, Quick Sampler, Drum Machine Designer and Auto Sampler in full detail. If you want to learn about Logic's sampling tools and instruments, this course covers them all!

Joe starts with a little background on the theory of creating sampled-based instruments and sounds. He gives you an overview of the new Sampler instrument by exploring its interface, preferences, and file management features. Next, you discover different ways of importing and mapping samples so you can start creating your own multi-sampled instruments. The synthesis section of Sampler is explored in depth, with a clear rundown of its powerful filters, modulators and mod matrix. Samplers' little brother (but powerful sibling) Quick Sampler is also explained and explored. As you will see, this little sampler is perfect for working with loops and other creative sound design applications. You also learn to create sampled-based drum kit with Logic's Drum Machine Designer, and you discover how to automatically sample hardware and software instruments with Auto Sampler.

The wait is over.... Logic's new sampling tools and instruments are here. So join trainer Joe Albano as he reveals everything about them. By watching this 22-tutorial course, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to build your own sampled-based instruments and get creative with samples.