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Moog Matriarch: The Video Manual

Moog Matriarch 101


The Matriarch is the matron of Moog's semi-modular family of analog synthesizers! Learn to use this semi-modular patchable 4-note paraphonic synthesizer with synthesis master Rishabh Rajan.

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1 Introduction 01:02
2 Overview & Signal Flow 04:13
3 Paraphony Explained 06:17

Course Overview

Rishabh Rajan

Rishabh Rajan

Whether you like to patch or not, the Moog Matriarch is guaranteed to ignite your sonic creativity and musical expression. With its 4 oscillators, built-in sequencer, arpeggiator, stereo ladder filters, 90 patch points and paraphonic capabilities, this powerful instrument is a Moog classic. In this course, our synth expert Rishabh Rajan shows everything you need to know to get the most out of this fantastic and colorful instrument.

First, you get an overview of the internal pre-wired signal flow (don't worry, you'll learn how to patch your own signal flow later in the course!). Next, you discover how paraphony offers possibilities unavailable on regular polyphonic synths. You learn about the Matriarch's four voltage controlled oscillators, stereo filters, and modulation options, and you see them all in action. Rishabhs explains and demonstrates all the functions of the synth, including the arpeggiator, sequencer, and stereo delay. Of course, Rishabh demonstrates numerous patching examples to show you exactly how to harness the power of this semi-modular monster!

So don't wait... grab your patch cables and discover everything about the Moog Matriarch in this course by Rishabh Rajan. You'll soon reach analog synthesis sonic delight!