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Pigments - The Video Manual

Pigments 101


Arturia's Pigments combines vintage FM and analog sounds with modern wavetable synthesis. It's one of the most innovative and powerful software instrument available... so learn everything about it in this in-depth video manual by synthesis expert Rish

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1 Introduction 01:04
2 Overview 06:30
3 Analog Engine 04:53

Course Overview

Rishabh Rajan

Rishabh Rajan

Arturia are well-known for their faithful recreations of vintage analog gear. With their recent foray into hardware keyboards and drum machines, it was only a matter of time before they created a soft synth of their own design. Pigments is the result, and it's a very deep synth. With its wavetable, FM and virtual analog synthesis features, it can create everything, from lush analog pads to modern aggressive leads and basses. Learn this hybrid instrument inside out in this 2-hour + course with trainer and sound designer Rishabh Rajan.

The course starts with an overview of Pigments where you are introduced to its interface and features. Rishabh explores the analog engine and describes its oscillators and modulators in clear detail. Next, he dives into the wavetables and all the different sound shaping options available. Everything is covered... You learn about the filters, the extensive modulation possibilities available, the fully-featured effect section, the arp, sequencer and more.

Don't be left in the dark! Join Rishabh Rajan in this in-depth enlightening course and bring color into your music... with Arturia's Pigments!