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Auto-Tune EFX+ Video Manual

Auto-Tune 101


Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ combines the iconic Auto-Tune pitch correction technology with a powerful​ multi-effects rack and a melodic pattern generator in one plugin. Join Joshua Carney in this course to learn how to use it on vocals, synths and more!

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1 Overview of Auto-Tune 05:58
2 Auto-Tune Pitch Correction 04:33
3 Auto-EFX Controls 03:59

Course Overview

Joshua Carney

Joshua Carney

Invented by mathematician Dr. Andy Hildebrand in 1997 and first heard on Cher’s “Believe”, Auto-Tune is now used (and sometimes deliberately overused) in Pop, R&B, Dance and other genres. Whether you want to subtly process vocals (or any other instruments), or go overboard with the “T-Pain effect”, Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ is a very powerful tool to have in your audio arsenal. In this course, trainer and engineer Joshua Carney covers and demonstrates all features of this versatile plugin.

Joshua starts by explaining how to tune vocal with the Auto-Tune feature. You learn how to get the classic Auto-Tune” effect, and how to achieve more transparent and “human” results if you prefer. Next, you get a thorough explanation of the 6 effects included in the Auto-EFX section: Vocode, Tube Amp, Filter, Duet, Mutate, and Pitch & Throat. You also learn how to generate melodic patterns with the Auto-Motion feature, and how to use this feature on instrument recordings for creative effects.

So join your instructor Joshua Carney in this course and master Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ in your productions!