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Creating Intelligent, Automatic Beats in Ableton Live 10

Ableton Certified Trainer Antonio Sage Dives Deep into Live!


In this lecture, we are going to explore a few options for developing rhythms in Ableton Live by programming an improvisational drum system.

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Course Overview

Antonio Sage

Antonio Sage

Featuring Boots N Kats "Automatic Drum Machine" by Audioutlaw and Ableton Creative Essentials we will generate interesting rhythmic ideas to inspire your creative workflow.

Creating and deconstructing Clips using Capture
Follow Actions
Programming Boots N Kats and
Max for Live Essentials.

Chapter Outline

1. Introduction

2. Create a Basic Groove with Drum Rack

3. Follow Actions for Improvisational Drums

4. Boots N Kats | Getting Started

5. Boots N Kats | Sequencer, Automatic Mode, Basic Layout

6. Boots N Kats | Using with Push

7. Boots N Kats | Macro System & Using MIDI Controllers

8. Boots N Kats | Starting with Empty Drum Kits

9. Boots N Kats | Programming Drum Patterns

10. Boots N Kats | Using a MIDI Controller

11. Questions / Wrapping Up