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Lucid Grain’s Masterclass on Modular Synthesizers

Watch Lucid Grain dissect their modular live set.


Learn how to compose music and perform live sets with a modular case from a musicians perspective.

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Course Overview

Martha Plachetka & Anatol Locker

Martha Plachetka & Anatol Locker

Lecture chapter Outline

1 - Lecture Introduction & Live Performance Example

2 - Martha's Case / Patch Overview

3 - Anatol's Case / Patch Overview

4 - Randomizing with René by Make Noise

5 - Plonk by Intellijel

6 - Morphogene by Make Noise & Aalto by Madrona Labs & More..

7 - Yarns MIDI interface by Mutable Instruments & Questions

8 - Tips & Techniques for Creating & Performing Live Modular Sets

9 - Questions & Wrapping Up