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AudioPedia 106


The NLE AudioPedia series, our video-based audio encyclopedia, is an invaluable resource for sound engineers, musicians, students, educators and all audio enthusiasts. This sixth installment is about Microphones.

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1 Transducer 01:16
5 Condenser Mic 01:22
17 Binaural Recording 01:21

Course Overview

Joe Albano

Joe Albano

AudioPedia - noun | Au·di·o·Pe·di·a | [aw-dee-oh-pee-dee-uh] An animated, short format video informational resource explaining in plain English all aspects of audio: acoustics, mixing, mastering, recording, digital audio terms, microphones, recording, and more.

Our AudioPedia series is a comprehensive video dictionary of audio terminology. Created by audio expert Joe Albano, this encyclopedia of technical terms is the ultimate audio reference tool. Here are the topics covered and defined in the sixth installment of this authoritative series:


Microphone | Mic
Dynamic Mic
Ribbon Mic
Condenser Mic
Phantom Power
Large Diaphragm | Small Diaphragm
Polar Pattern | Directionality
Pressure | Pressure Gradient
Omnidirectional Mic Pattern
Bi-Directional | Figure-8
Unidirectional | Cardioid
Stereo Miking
Stereo Miking - Spaced Omnis | Decca Tree
Stereo Miking - Coincident | XY | Blumlein
Stereo Miking - Near-Coincident | ORTF | NOS
Binaural Recording
Close Miking | Close Mic
Proximity Effect
Plosives | P-Pops
Pad | Microphone Pad
Phase vs Polarity

So join audio expert and trainer Joe Albano and get a deep understanding of audio terminology with the AudioPedia series!