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ROLI BLOCKS as an expressive and customizable MIDI controller

Roli Blocks are the next evolution in MIDI control; come see why


ROLI BLOCKS is a growing modular music making system that takes advantage of cutting-edge expressive technology which allows you to shape sound through touch.

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Course Overview

Ruben Dax

Ruben Dax

With Roli Blocks you can combine as many or as few BLOCKS as you like, and customize them to fit your workflow. We will explore using Lightpad Blocks and Seaboard Blocks to control instruments, effects, mixing, and more. Take advantage of 5D touch and MPE (the next evolution of MIDI), and combine multiple BLOCKS to create personalized music control systems.

Lecture Chapters Outline:

1 - Live looping jam session

2 - Seaboard (5 dimensions of touch)

3 - MPE (multidimensional polyphonic expression) + Equator Software & Strobe 2

4 - Light Pad Block + Blocks Dashboard

5 - Light Block programming possibilities + Control Blocks - Live, Loop, Touch Blocks

6 - Live Looping Performance #2

7 - Questions

8 - Using MPE in Ableton Live vs Bitwig

9 - Demonstration of Live Performance in Bigtwig (MPE Compatible)

10 - Questions

11 - Questions continued