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Building Beats & Synth Leads With Patchblocks Minijam Studio

Get an in-depth insight into the new minijam studio products.


Learn how to build drum patterns on the tek.drum, record parameter automation as well as shape and play lead sounds with the tek.waves wavetable synth. Also, integrate and sync other equipment for a pure synth hardware music making experience.

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1 Introduction 02:59
4 tek.waves Demo - Part 1 04:59
5 tek.waves Demo - Part 2 06:10

Course Overview

Sebastian Heinz

Sebastian Heinz

The compact electronic music "minijam" studio lets you jam with synths and drum machines. Developed by the makers of Patchblocks.

In this lecture the founder of Patchblocks, Sebastian Heinz, who is also the lead engineer, goes in-depth with the all new tek.drum and tek.waves minijam Machines from the Minijam Studio. We also get a peak at the .hub audio mixer and the .boom mini speaker.

The minijam studio "includes a drum machine, a wavetable synthesizer, an analog filter, a mixer and a speaker. It gives you the feel and fun of jamming with hardware equipment, all bundled in a ready-to-use set with an impressive sound quality."

The lecture chapters:

1- Introduction

2- tek.drum demo/tutorial - checking out the synthesized drums (samples, oscs), step sequencing, filtering

3- tek.drum cont. - bass line, presets, fx, global parameters, sequence lengths

4- tek.waves - 2 octave keyboard, selecting scales, 16 adjustable parameters

5- tek.waves cont. - demonstration - envelopes, filters, 3 voices with 2 OSCs per voice, wavetables, vowel wavetables, sweep modulation, delay

6- tek.waves cont. - arpeggiator & sequencer

7- Combining tek.drum, tek.waves, and .hub - demonstration - routing explained, recording, filter automation

8- Adding in the pocket calculator - mini speaker demo - questions

9- Questions continued - batteries


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