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Reaktor Blocks: Building Small Oscillators That do a Lot

Learn about Reaktor Blocks form a Professional Block Builder.


If you have ever opened a Reaktor Block and wondered how it works, this is the class for you. Block builder Matthew Friedrichs will walk you through the design process of two of his favorite Blocks.

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1 Introduction: Hardware & Blocks 03:57
4 Hard Sync & Soft Sync 07:38
6 MicroBraids 8HP Explored 06:28

Course Overview

Matthew Friedrichs

Matthew Friedrichs

Matthew Friedrichs is the designer behind the hugely popular set of Reaktor blocks known as the Nouveau Collection. His depth of knowledge on all the subjects and perquisites needed to be a block builder shines through in this lecture. He will walk you through a number of the 60+ blocks contained in the collection. From just patching, to interfacing with hardware and even deep diving into some of the maths that went into their designs and functions.

This is inspiration for beginners and informative for even the most seasoned block builders and architects.

Lecture Chapter Outlines

1 - Introduction. Hardware setup. Expert sleepers es-8, MAGPIE MODULAR: MICROBRAIDS 8HP. Reaktor - Table mixer & Wave splicer.

2 - What makes an OSC work. Pitch calculation, delta pitch to frequency factor, accumulator (FM offset modification) .

3 - Micro tuning table (arrays), read blocks & importing data in general, processing a drum loop/sample, CV negative control voltage & controlled delay.

4 - Hard sync & soft sync.

5 - Block setup explained in detail -- wave folding explained, liquor filter module explored.

6 - MicroBraids explored and a bit about Matthew

7 - Mathematical (Nouveau Collection) explained & explored. universal dual ramp generator & quantize blocks.

8 - Iinternal/External Input & Output routing made easy. Saving macros.

9 - Filter and Envelope building kits

10 - Step sequencer, Incorporating internal OSC with external OSC, and a mini-jam session.

11 - Wrapping up