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Mixing Your Song

Logic Pro X for Beginners Part 4 - Mixing Your Song


Mixing puts the final polish on your music. You'll learn how to properly set levels, use mix busses, and how to tweak DSP effects (compression, delay & reverb) to make your song sparkle.

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1 Introducton to Mixing Concepts and Pre-Considerations 13:16
4 Organization 11:38
6 Mixing in Theory 09:44

Course Overview

Booker Edwards

Booker Edwards

Topics covered in the MasterClass.

Mixing in Logic

• What is mixing?
• Preparing MIDI for mixing
• Organizing tracks & windows
• Adjusting levels
• Placing sound in the stereo field
• Submixing
• Spectral processing
• Dynamic processing
• Time based processing
• Automation
• Advanced techniques