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Make a Track in Cubasis

Cubasis 2 101


Steinberg's Cubasis 2 for iPad is like having Cubase in your pocket... or at least in your backpack. This touch-optimized music and recording app is filled with features that'll surprise and inspire you. Learn Cubasis right now with Hollin Jones!

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1 Introduction 02:03
2 Overview of Cubasis 04:50
3 Project Setup 03:30

Course Overview

Hollin Jones

Hollin Jones

If you use Cubase (or even if you don't) you'll find that Cubasis 2 for iPad brings a lot of powerful production, recording and even performance tools to the world of touch! There are unlimited MIDI tracks, dozens of audio inputs and outputs and so many pro features that we decided to bring on Cubase expert Hollin Jones to explain and explore them.

If you're already a Cubase user then sit back and see how you can use Cubasis to kickstart your productions and take them to the next level. But even if you simply have an iPad and are looking for a powerful app to record and produce with when you're feeling inspired AND while untethered from your studio, then Cubasis might be for you too!

See what Cubasis is all about in this in-depth course by expert trainer Hollin Jones!