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Kronos Advanced

Kronos 201


Now that you know you way around the Korg Kronos, Matt Vanacoro is here to take you even deeper. It’s a complex instrument, with a lot of cool features to explore. So, get ready to take your Kronos chops to the next level!

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1 Prerequisite Knowledge 01:20
2 Advanced Global Settings 04:30
3 Loading KSC Files 02:24

Course Overview

Matt Vanacoro

Matt Vanacoro

Kronos, like its Greek mythological namesake, is a very powerful entity! It’s like Korg gathered up all their coolest technology and incorporated it into this monster of a keyboard! It’s used by top performers and producers the world over like the incredible Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater.

This Kronos course is designed to get you into the more advanced features. You learn about Karma, the Sequencer and advanced FX routings and chains. You get into sampling and then mapping those samples across the keyboard. Matt even shows you some of his favorite secrets and hacks to bring this 23-tutorial course to its conclusion.

So, get deeper into the Korg Kronos in this advanced course by trainer, performer and Kronos aficionado, Matt Vanacoro!