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Learn The Mix Console

Universal Audio 201


Universal Audio's Mix Console software is the heart and soul of any UA-based system. But, like any console, it has complexities that must be mastered to get the most out of it. Watch this course and see how The Mix Console works!

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1 Introduction 01:28
2 Overview 04:04
3 Inserts 03:52

Course Overview

Alex Solano

Alex Solano

No matter what UA system you use, the Mix Console sits between your hardware and DAW and is, most likely, the heart of your audio setup. Like any software mixer, the UA Mix Console has all kinds of features that make it unique. That's why we created this course!

Join Alex Solano and learn the details and signal flow of the console's channel strips. See the inserts, effects sends and cue sends in action. Then, watch as Alex does some setup and interfacing with a couple of different DAWs, including Pro Tools. Finally, Alex shares some advanced routing options to round out your Mix Console knowledge. This is where you learn about Virtual channels, Alternative outputs and more!

So "get in the mix" with your UA Mix Console software in this 12- tutorial course by Alex Solano.