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The Wind Section

Orchestration 102


The wind section is the most colorful section of the orchestra. In this course, you learn all about the instrument families, their techniques and articulations and how to score for them. So master the winds with our favorite maestro, Thomas Goss!

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1 Course Introduction & Orientation 03:31
4 The Flute Family 09:10
8 The Theory of Tone Production 05:41

Course Overview

Thomas Goss

Thomas Goss

The wind section is made up of several different families: the flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons and each family has its own, unique way of producing sound. This course’s first section explains each family's playing characteristics including tone production, breathing, embouchure, fingering articulations and much, much more.

Then, Maestro Goss opens up his orchestration guidebook and takes you on a scoring journey. It is in this section that you learn all about score positions, section sizes, seating plans, transposing instruments and registers. We are so pleased to have such a great instructor like Thomas Goss teach orchestration to our members. His insight, attention to detail and educational skills are second to none. He is this generation’s Lenny Bernstein in the way he cheerfully demystifies the wonderful art of orchestration.

So join Thomas Goss and his team of top professional orchestral musicians as they take you on an in-depth orchestration adventure.