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New Features Explored

Maschine 2.3


Maschine 2.3 is full of new features, instruments, processing options and also some cool unexpected surprises. Matt Cellitti is here to show you what this update is all about!

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1 Introduction 00:30
4 'Analog' Distortion 04:47
14 Komplete Select 02:02

Course Overview

Matt Cellitti

Matt Cellitti

The Maschine team at Native Instruments doesn’t sit still for a nanosecond. It seems that amazing Maschine improvements and features appear out of nowhere every few weeks! And Maschine 2.3 is right up there with its combined new feature list.

In this course, Matt Cellitti leads you through all the updates while, at the same time, showing you how to apply these new features to your productions. You’ll see the new effects like the improved limiter and the killer analog distortion. Matt then explains Drumsynth and all of its various beat-making engines. Next up is a section on Maschine 2.3’s usability improvements including tutorials on slicing and the improved arpeggiator.

Matt concludes this course with a deep look at the new Komplete Select collection of instruments and how your Maschine’s sonic universe just expanded big-time! Now there’s Monark, Retro Machines, Drum Lab and more for you to explore. As you complete this “New Features” course, you will be ready to dive in and make killer tracks with Maschine 2.3.