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Pop Arranging Explored

Guitar Production 101


Great sounding guitar parts don’t happen all on their own. There’s a lot of musical techniques that you can deploy to ensure that the parts all work together and sound their best. That’s what this course is all about!

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1 Introduction 02:17
10 Layering Distorted Guitars 03:45
19 Call & Response Idea 02:55

Course Overview

Gregg Fine

Gregg Fine

Guitars are one of the most overdubbed, multi-layered instruments in pop/rock music productions. Just “winging it” often results in muddy tracks that could often sound a whole lot better. This course explains how guitar parts/tracks work together -in a musical way- resulting in tracks that are clear, powerful and unified.

You first learn about pulsing parts and how to interlock and layer them so that they appear to work as a solid sonic unit. Next is power chords and techniques you can use to best create that wall of distortion. Then there’s rock and funk where Gregg explains melodic grooves and how they best work together. And then there’s sustained lines, harmonics, coloring effects, acoustic layering techniques and much, much more.

So, whether you’re into pop, rock, funk, indie, acid, metal, prog or folk, the techniques that guitarist Gregg Fine covers in this course will take you to guitar production heaven!