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Xtreme Drums & Beats

Logic Pro X 401


Derail Drummer... Unhinge Ultrabeat... This outrageous, 2+ hour course, by outlaw Logic adventurer Bill Burgess, takes the art of creating beats to il-Logic-al limits! Take your Logic Pro X beat making to the Xtreme!

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1 Deep Drum Programming in Logic 04:21
11 Using MIDI Effects With Drummer 06:35
19 Comp Swiping New Beats 04:21

Course Overview

Bill Burgess

Bill Burgess

When we think of Logic, we don't usually think of it as a hacker's playground. But deep inside of this multidimensional program lie some pretty wicked tools that can generate crazy results... especially with former Apple Logic team member Bill Burgess at the controls. So, if you're a Logic Pro X user and you're looking for new ways generate loops, beats and sonic inspiration, this course will open your eyes and replenish your imagination!

It starts with Drummer. There's more to this android beat-basher than meets the eye and Bill takes our robotic friend to musical places his Apple inventors never imagined! Then there's good old Ultrabeat. Deep within this drum machine lie some powerful mashup tools that allow it to randomly chop up any audio track into tasty rhythmic masterpieces.

Up next is a section on creative comping. Not just comping similar tracks but tracks that just don't seem like they should ever go together! Bill shows you how to fuse these strange elements into the most unique and unusual loopable clips.

But there's lots more to this collection of tutorials: Bill Burgess is masterful drummer and drum programmer who generously shares his time-proven programming techniques all along the way. So get deep into Logic's subconscious -without even going into the environment- in this eye-opening course delivered by the always-entertaining Bill Burgess!