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Implementing Audio in Unity

Game Audio 102


Game Audio is surround sound on steroids! Learn Unity with Scott Looney as you get injected into the exciting world of 3D audio for games!

Spotlight Review

ZWaves wrote a review. September 02, 2014

"Game Audio 102 - Implementing Audio in Unity" is a course that can jump start you right away into applying techniques placing audio inside your video games, but it's not going to make it easy on you if you do not have some prior experience with the Unity game engine on a basic level at least. If you are completely unfamiliar with scripting and/or computer programming, you might be in a bit of a struggle understanding how sound works and gets triggered. Unity is an amazing tool and has one of the most comprehensive workflows when it comes to building a video game from scratch. All the credit can be given to the programmers and designers of the platform. Scripts and sounds are being dragged and dropped to the places where each component is needed. The class shows you plenty of already done solutions by taking you over a sample game level needing sound of different kind and behavior. Unfortunately the information is not presented in an easy to digest fashion and mostly is due to the effort to explain complex algorithms and principles down to a basic level. The terminology most of the time is handled right, but at times lacks clarity or is totally omitted and replaced by every day lingo. What makes it more confusing is the fact that the titles of half of the videos do not correspond to what is being said. It starts happening somewhere half way, and I am sure it's just a basic editorial and publishing issue at this time. With that aside, this is a great course and it will make you "hear" your game on the interactive level that every vieo game needs to be. Definitely put your thinking cap on and it's best recommended to have Unity on your computer and some sound effects ready, which is suggested in the beginning of the class. For more elegant and efficient implementation of sound into games I recommend learning FMOD as a stand alone application that can be made to interact with Unity in real time. Still this course will teach you how Unity itself deals with sound and the specifics of it.

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1 Introduction 04:14
10 Reverb Zones 06:58
20 Music Triggering in a Game 02:53

Course Overview

Steve Horowitz & Scott Looney

Steve Horowitz & Scott Looney

Game Audio is multidimensional. It is constantly changing perspective and shifting emotional intensity based entirely upon the interactivity of the end user – at least that's how it seems. In reality, the game audio designer invents this virtual end user experience by mastering and implementing a stunning array of software tools and audio techniques. This is a new way of thinking about sound and music, and it's unique to this genre's virtual audio world.

So where do you begin? Well, like any other skilled endeavor, you've got to master the tools of the trade. That's where Unity comes in! Unity is an amazing, self-contained game designer’s universe where every aspect of a game, including audio, can be designed, controlled and set into motion!

This course, by Unity master Scott Looney, gives you a great introduction to how Unity manipulates audio and, BTW, it's pretty deep!

Scott starts off this course by showing you Unity in action. He takes you on a virtual fly-through, explaining, all along the way, the basics of Unity’s sonic manipulation toolkit. Throughout this 27-tutorial exploration you'll learn all kinds of techniques like: constructing Ambiences, Reverb Zones, Sound and cool Music Triggering Techniques and even some pretty advanced Scripting. So plant yourself into your most comfortable chair and watch, listen and learn how you can implement audio in Unity!

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